The Pound of Ground is a title faithful to its raw, meaty name...
Do not expect over political correctness, do not look for complexity: your character is knee deep in trouble and the solution is rough, wild and decisive action.

Wide range of weapons
Varying boss fights
Swarms of undead
Elaborate story

MJ lives a carefree rich man's life in his home town the Snake City. Things take a wild turn when professor Hoffman Vangele, a renowned authority in several complex scientific fields and frequent (yet unsuccessful) client of patent offices, decides to perpetuate his legacy forever and leave everyone in no doubt as to his brilliance. The result is a city swarming with zombies and weirdly mutated professor's assistants terrorizing decent folk and a federal government unable to solve the problem...

The game combines action elements a wide range of finely tuned weapons, varying boss fights and grand, non-stop battles with swarms of undead a strong story with many unexpected twists and peculiar characters. Very unconventional is the possibility to roam the Snake City in your own tuned super car, that may balance the odds in your favor for this battle of survival.

Elaborate story with many twists about correcting injustice, love and even saving the whole city
Fights with varying bosses and crowds of undead enemies
"Behind the scenes" views, that add completeness to the story and quirky humor
Many different tasks provide for branching and variable gameplay